Hotel accommodation

The conference organizing secretariat can offer rooms in the following suggested hotels:

NH Lingotto ★★★★
(adjacent to conference venue)
address: Via Nizza 262, 10126 Torino
phone: +39-011-664-2000

Starhotel Majestic ★★★★
(8' by Metro)
address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 54, 10123 Torino
phone: +39-011-539153

Hotel Amadeus ★★★
(17' on foot + 8' by Metro or 3' on foot + 23' by bus n.18: from Po to Biglieri stop)
address: Via Principe Amedeo 41, 10123 Torino
phone: +39-011-817-4951

Hotel Alpi Resort ★★★
(20' on foot + 8' by Metro or 8'on foot + 20' by bus n.18: from Giolitti to Biglieri stop)
address: Via Alfonso Bonafous 5, 10123 Torino
phone: +39-011-812-9677

Hotel Continental ★★★
(5' on foot + 3' by Metro)
address: Via Genova 2, 10126 Torino
phone: +39-011-696-4537

Hotel Genio ★★★
(8' by Metro)
address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 47, 10125 Torino
phone: +39-011-6505771

Hotel Gran Mogol ★★★
(3' on foot + 8' by Metro)
address: Via Guarino Guarini 2, 10123 Torino
phone: +39-011-561-2120

Hotel Lancaster ★★★
(8' on foot + 6' by Metro)
address: Corso Filippo Turati 8, 10128 Torino
phone: +39-011-5681982

For more info on prices, reservation terms and procedure, please see the hotel reservation form.

>>> Download the reservation form here <<<

Do not forget that many events will take place in Torino in the same period of the SuperFOx conference.

Book your room as soon as you can: cancellation policy is without penalty up to 7 days from the date of arrival.

For further clarification, contact us at

Low-cost accommodation

Turin also offers good quality hostels and low-cost hotels.

Here below you will find a few suggestions.

Please note that reservations for these accommodations cannot be made through the congress secretariat.

For more information and booking, please contact the hotels directly.

Camp1us Lingotto
address: via Nizza 230, 10126 Torino
phone: +39-011-6939393

Tomato Backpackers Hotel
address: Via Silvio Pellico 11, 10125 Torino
phone: +39-011-0209400

Residenza Universitaria Borsellino
address: Via Paolo Borsellino, 10138 Torino
phone: +39-011-4308758/4474001/4340313

Casa Mamma Margherita
address: Via Maria Ausiliatrice 32, 10152 Torino
phone: +39-011-5224201

Open011 Torino
address: Corso Venezia 11, 10147 Torino
phone: +39-011-250535

Casa del Giovane di Don Orione
address: Corso Principe Oddone 22, 10122 Torino
phone: +39-011-710753

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